It’s time for our Easter Surprise! We wanted to test out our new Voigtlander lens in a way that we would use it the most, making short films. So we shot the film last saturday and did al the postproduction in one week just to get it right for today.

Get ready for a tale of greed, betrayal and revenge!



We wanted to experiment a little with basic special effects. This is our first attempt at integrating masks and green screen to create a funny cloning effect.


Utrecht Winter Wonderland

It doesn’t happen all too often, but last month we had a good stretch of beautiful winter weather. Of course, we couldn’t resist shooting some pictures in our home town of Utrecht, The Netherlands. The video was all shot on the Panasonic GH2 in January 2013.


Vlampijp Ateliers

Doodle time is upon us once more. This time we tested out our new monopod at the Vlampijp Ateliers to see whether we could get some more dynamic shots with this than our trusted tripod.


Freiburg by Day, Strasbourg by Night

We recently had a well-deserved vacation and couldn’t resist bringing along the GH2. Below are two videos we compiled of the footage we shot, Strasbourg by Night, and its companion piece of sorts, Freiburg by Day.



Doodle: 550D test footage

After the doodle we made with test footage from the GH2, we decided to do the same with one of our older cameras, the Canon 550D. Again, no color grading, filters or effects have been applied to the images.

Doodle: GH2 test footage

Here’s a little video we edited together from test footage of our new GH2. Even without any color grading or effects, it already looks pretty good. We can see that we are going to have a lot of fun with this one.