Bloomsday short film

To fans of James Joyce the date of June 16 is the known as Bloomsday. On this day the life and works of the Irish writer are celebrated all over the world, even here in the Netherlands.

This year we decided to contribute to the celebrations and made a short film based on the last sentence  of his most famous work, Ulysses. The film was shown during the Bloomsday events in Utrecht and was very well received. Here is your chance to see it for yourself.

Venice: Pilgrimage of Modern Man wins a prize at the Finiesterra Arrabida Festival

Our short film Venice: Pilgrimage of Modern Man received the 2nd prize in the category Religious Tourism at the 3rd annual Finisterra Arrabida Film Art & Tourism Festival. We were very honoured to accept this award and very happy to attend the festival, which was held from 7 – 11 May in Sesimbra, Portugal.

At the festival we saw some some good films, met great people, and enjoyed the hospitality, culture, food and surroundings. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.

The proud recipients of the 2nd prize in the category Religious Tourism.

A report in the local newspaper.

Finisterra Arrabida Film Art & Tourism Festival

Finisterra logoWell, that was a nice surprise. After being contacted by the Finisterra Arrabida Film Art & Tourism Festival, we submitted our video Venice: Pilgrimage of Modern Man for consideration. To our joy, it was selected and we were invited to attend the festival. How could we say no to that?

The festival takes place from 7 – 11 May in Sesimbra, Portugal, and we will be there. Should anything interesting arise, we will of course keep you updated.

The video is uploaded on the festival’s Vimeo channel. Check out the channel for more interesting tourism videos.

Aardbei Proeverij Soestermarkt

For NieuwVers, a Dutch organisation dedicated to promoting sustainability in agriculture, we made this video about a strawberry tasting event.

Unfortunately for our international guests, the video is in Dutch and has no subtitles.


Casa di Giulietta

About a year ago we shot some footage in Italy, resulting in two short videos.

The first of these is about the Casa di Giulietta, the house in Verona supposedly belonging to the family of Juliet from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Despite the play and characters being fictional, the house has become a major tourist attraction, featuring a balcony and a bronze statue of Juliet. Legend has it that touching the statue’s right breast will grant you good luck in matters of love.


Website Update

A few months ago we started working on redesigning the website. Unfortunately, due to side projects and other time-consuming activities, working on this redesign has been postponed for some time. During this time we also didn’t get around to posting updates on our projects.

We hope to finish the website in a few weeks. In the meantime, today we’ll be posting a few updates on our projects and developments.


It’s time for our Easter Surprise! We wanted to test out our new Voigtlander lens in a way that we would use it the most, making short films. So we shot the film last saturday and did al the postproduction in one week just to get it right for today.

Get ready for a tale of greed, betrayal and revenge!